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Past and upcoming meetings and events related to GAP-IOS (click the pictures to enlarge).


video conference b February 16, 2021

Kick-off meeting via video conference.

Let´s start our research!


meeting September 14, 2021

Meeting with the Turkish partners:

Breakfast in Ankara!


conversation bOctober 25, 2021

 Second project meeting was held in Barcelona.

 Partners presented the progress of their work packages.


collaboration December 6-10, 2021

Training for the trainers! The first workshop in Ankara with 30 participants,

who will be the trainers of the elderly people for the training modules of GAP-IOS.


collaboration February 21-24, 2022

The second short-term joint staff training event "Training for the trainers"

was held in Lisbon.


collaborationMay/June 22-03, 2022

The third and last short-term training event took place in Bonn,

Germany in summer.


conference October 10-14, 2022

An international conference on the social inclusion of

senior citizens will be held in Ankara.


conference Feburary 24, 2023

Seminar on Healthy and Safe Aging in Ankara


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